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My name is Ashley Delonas.  As you can see I love nature and proud to be an Idahoan.  I enjoy everything outdoors, especially mountain climbing, hiking, and shed hunting.  I am a mother, wife, and self-supporting mixed-media artist who resides in the foothills surrounding Pocatello, Idaho.

I graduated from Idaho State University in 2016 with my Bachelors of Art and a Minor in Outdoor Education. I am affiliated with several outdoor organizations. I am a certified Leave No Trace Trainer, and have participated with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and earned certification as a Wilderness First Aid Responder. I have taught mountaineering courses at Idaho State University and drawing and painting courses at local high schools. I enjoy helping others see the relationship between art and nature.

Celebrating my tenth year as a working artist, I continually expand my body of work. My art can be found in several retail locations across Southeastern Idaho and at a variety of art shows and festivals.  I make it a point to try and connect with my clients and help them select a piece that resonates with them.

Idaho's Tallest Mountains Over 12,000 feet

"9 Peaks"

My heart and soul resides in the Lost River Range home to seven out of the nine tallest mountains in Idaho. These majestic peaks have captured my heart and continually nourishes my artistic pursuits. I have been climbing and playing in these mountains for over ten years and summited all of Idaho's grandest peaks.  Upon each summit, I leave a small part of me up in the summit rocks. A homemade flag that states the name of the peak and elevation.  This is left in tribute to the mountain and to welcome other adventures to Idaho’s rarefied air.  It does my heart good when I see photos of smiling faces on top of a peak holding my flag.

Climbing mountains, particularly rugged and intensely challenging ones, has connected me to something bigger than myself. During each ascent, I would often find the abandoned crowns of elk, moose, and deer that had been relinquished to make way for their new growth. This ritual is now my central theme as an artist.  Each shed found symbolizes the process of nature’s regenerative powers and this motivates me to continually grow as a person and an artist.

Abandoned Crowns

Shed Hunting

Being a shed hunter has helped fine tune my understanding of animal patterns and preferences, which has helped me in the field but also creatively in my studio. Working with these antlers to create unique chandeliers and stained-glass art, drives me to know more about the magnificent beast who left them behind. There is nothing quite like the high of finding a beautiful, massive, 6-point elk shed bathing in the Idaho sun. I find myself longing to hike the toughest terrain, battle the wind and rain, cross treacherous scree fields, study tracks and rubs, all in search of these hidden treasures. 



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