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Hi, I’m Ashley Delonas, wife, mother, and an Idaho-based artist whose work is a visual excavation of materials derived from the earth, inspired by my deep connection with nature. My artistic journey is deeply intertwined with my love for the great outdoors, where mountain climbing, big game hunting, shed hunting, and gem hunting are among my favorite pastimes. These activities not only fuel my creativity but also inspire the palettes I create each year.

For the last 14 years, I’ve been a self-employed artist and entrepreneur, channeling my passion for nature into my artwork. Starting from humble beginnings, I supported myself through art school by selling my smaller works at local Farmers Markets and Art Shows. This experience paved the way for my journey as an artist. I graduated from Idaho State University with a degree in Art, further honing my skills and creativity. Over the years, my desire to create bigger and more impactful works grew. Initially, I worked in many different mediums, exploring various forms of artistic expression. It wasn't until I began shed and gem hunting that visions of my glass antler crystal chandeliers started to take shape, marking a turning point in my artistic career.

Growing up, I watched my mother explore various artistic mediums, primarily focusing on stained glass art. This exposure influenced my artistic journey, leading me to believe that I didn't choose glass; rather, glass chose me. When I met my husband, Blake, a geologist, his expertise in finding rocks, crystals, shed antlers, and hunting big game added a new dimension to my artistic vision. His guidance, along with my mother's influence, helped shape my style and led to the unique pieces I craft today.

Every year my family and I trek countless miles throughout different seasons to seek out shed antlers, crystals, and precious gemstones. These treasures from the earth are then meticulously integrated into my sculptural ornate lighting, creating a visual tapestry that weaves together geometric panes of colorful stained glass, bonded, soldered, and fused with organic materials. Together, these materials forge elements of abstraction and representational depictions of western wildlife.

Each chandelier is a labor of love, often taking months to create and sometimes weighing over 70 pounds. To me, they are like jewelry pieces for your home, crafted with precision and passion to enhance any living space. I particularly enjoy creating custom chandeliers tailored to my clients' tastes, allowing them to choose the precious gemstones and crystals that speak to them and their spiritual essence. These sacred and rare stones hold spiritual power and a mysterious healing nature that connects both me and my clients deeply to the land, offering a unique opportunity to design a personalized piece of jewelry for their home.

Through my website, I invite you to explore the possibilities of creating a personalized chandelier that reflects your style and preferences. Discover how my creations can bring nature's light into your home, making a truly one-of-a-kind statement piece for your living space. Please feel free to contact me through my website, phone, or email.


Thanks for reading. I’m sending you all my love and light,

Ashley Delonas

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