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Shedding Nature's Light

"Bone became my canvas, glass, nature and light became my medium"...

I am captivated by the renewal and regeneration that elk, moose, and deer experience each year in the shedding of their antlers. This continuous growth and shedding-ritual significantly influences me and my artwork. I give the abandoned crowns new life, by creating antler sculptures that cast light through stained glass, crystals and fossils soldered between the tines of bone.

I begin my creative process by finding the discarded antlers and using them to create a solid frame of bone. In working with antlers to create unique pieces of art, I’m driven to know more about the landscape and the magnificent animal who left them behind. Shed hunting truly opened my mind and gave birth to so many artistic visions. With that, bone became my canvas - glass, nature, and light became my medium.

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